Robert Streiffer

Position title: Professor, Bioethics and Philosophy


Phone: (608) 262-7490

Room 1142, Medical Sciences Center


Abstract ethical theory, political philosophy; ethical and political issues related to agricultural biotechnology.


The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Curriculum Vitae

Robert Streiffer’s C.V.


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Philosophy, 1999

B.A., Reed College, Philosophy, 1993


Robert Streiffer, Moral Relativism and Reasons for Action (Routledge, 2003).

Selected Book Sections

“Genetically Engineered Animals and the Ethics of Food Labeling” section in Paul Weirich, ed., Labeling Genetically Modified Food:The Philosophical and Legal Debate (Oxford University Press, 2008).

Selected Articles

Robert Streiffer, “Informed Consent and Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research,” Hastings Center Report 38:3 (2008), 40-47.

Robert Streiffer, “Wittgenstein on the General Form of a Proposition,” Analysis and Metaphysics 6 (2007), 468-472.

Streiffer, Robert, Alan Rubel, and Julie Fagan, “Wittgenstein on the General Form of a Proposition,” The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 31 (2006), 417-439.

Courses taught

MHB 558: Ethical Problems Raised by Biomedical Technology (Syllabus)
MHB 559: Philosophical/Ethical Perspectives on Human Well Being/ Environment (Syllabus)
MHB 559: Animal Bioethics (Syllabus)
MHB 565: The Ethics of Modern Biotechnology (Syllabus)
MHB 999: Research Ethics (Syllabus)